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Online Circle 4: combinations and Dienes shapes

January 4 2021, 9:00-9:30am. Nia (5), Dil (5) and Gye (5) I tried to do a fun activity at first, then we repeated the Dienes shapes one from the week before. Task 1: Socks in the dark Supplies: Blocks in three different colors and an opaque bag. What to do: I told the story that... Continue Reading →

Online Circle 3: combinations and Dienes shapes

December 27 2020, 9:00-9:30am. Nia (5) and Gye (5) There were only two kids at the math club. With the holidays a lot of people were visiting with family. I also didn't send out an email reminder the day before because I don't like sending email, I don't like receiving email reminders, and I thought... Continue Reading →

Math kit

Nia asked to have a math club with some of the friends she missed because of online learning and covid-19. I created a math kit. The kit contains all the supplies for the next 4 to 6 math clubs and I gave each kid their own kit. Hopefully, they will play with it outside of... Continue Reading →

Playground permutation

Count how many ways kids (and mom) can sit on rides. You can do it at home with chairs and stuffed animals. A few days ago, we were at a playground with three bouncing rides. I asked the kids how many different ways we could sit on the rides. "Do you mean backwards, sideways, upside... Continue Reading →

Bean bag toss

A variation of the classic bean bag toss game that involves numbers. The kids love talking "strategy". Supplies: two bean bags per person, chalk and a sidewalk. What to do: - Get the kids to draw circles (or any other shape) with numbers in them. (Ideally, larger closer circles would have lower numbers but it... Continue Reading →

A few serendipitous activities

We had a few math activities that came up more naturally this week. Symmetrical drawing Grab two pieces of chalk and put one in each hand. Draw a heart using both hands/arms at the same time (one hand is doing one side of the heart while the other hand does the other side at the... Continue Reading →

Window Pixel Art

Design a picture and use sticky notes to put in on your window. Let your neighbors enjoy it too! Task Supplies: A stack of 3in x 3in sticky notes (I bought a pack of 4 different colored ones for $6.50 or so), Graph paper, color pencils, ruler. What to do: 1) Measure your window (ours... Continue Reading →

Prime numbers.

We take 1 block, 2 blocks, 3 blocks, 4 blocks, ... all the way to 12 blocks, and see which number can be made into different flat rectangles. Task Supplies: 12 cubes or blocks of the same dimension What to do: Give your child a number of blocks (I like to go in order and... Continue Reading →

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