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Circle 1. November 16, 2019

Attendance: Bel (7), Tari (6), Nia (4), and Bab (4) I drew pictures on cards (cat, dog, cow, horse, fish, dolphin, chicken, duck) with markers of different colors and asked the kids to arrange them in groups. Trying to get to the idea of sets and intersections of sets The two older kids immediately grouped... Continue Reading →

The first step

I have been thinking about running a math club for little kids now for a couple of years. The first idea was to have a meeting time at the library - sort of like a "story time" but with math instead - and allow whoever is interested to show up. The problem is that I... Continue Reading →

About me

Hi, I am a mom of two daughters, Bel (2012) and Nia (2015). I enjoy doing math and wanted to share my passion with my kids and their friends. The blog is to gather my ideas in one place, inform the parents who graciously let me play with their kids (and use them as guinea... Continue Reading →

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