Circle 1. November 16, 2019

Attendance: Bel (7), Tari (6), Nia (4), and Bab (4)

I drew pictures on cards (cat, dog, cow, horse, fish, dolphin, chicken, duck) with markers of different colors and asked the kids to arrange them in groups. Trying to get to the idea of sets and intersections of sets
  • The two older kids immediately grouped them by color. Then I asked them to do different groups, so they did it by where the animals live: farm, sea and city (this is because we have the game Headbanz and city not house is a location)
  • The younger kids made a group with duck, dolphin, and fish. When asked, Nia said they were animals who swim. Then I asked Bab to group them she did fish and dolphin. She explained it was animals who live in the sea (this was done before the other group). Then they rearranged by animals with tails – or rather, with tails on the picture.

It seems like the two older kids think of different characteristics for different groups. The younger ones just think about one characteristic and makes a group, then put everything else in the other group. I was thinking I could get to intersections and have some animals in two groups but that will be for much later.

I asked questions like "are there more geese than birds?", "are there more women than moms?".  

The younger kids tend to agree with whatever way I phrased the statement but couldn’t quite explain why. When I asked Nia why she thought there were more geese than birds, she said “because the geese go ‘honk, honk, honk’ and the birds go ‘cheep, cheep, cheep’. When asked whether moms were women, Nia said “yes”. When asked whether dads were men, Bab said “no”. She also said that there are more dads than men because she sees more dads. The older kids seem to have the correct answers.

It was something I expected, although I still don’t know to answer or push the reasoning. It was fun getting answers from four-year olds.

Same grouping activity with shapes (square, rectangle, trapezoid, parallelogram, rhombus, triangle and a square turned on its corner). 

The kids were much more reluctant to form groups. Bel did a group with four sided shapes and another group with the triangle. Tari did not know how to make groups and froze a little. I then turned the card with the square and asked what the shape was. Nia and Bab said “diamond” then I turned it again and they said “square”. Bel and Tari continued with “square, diamond, square, diamond, square AND diamond”. When asked whether there more squares or diamonds, Tari answered “diamonds, because squares can turn into diamonds”, Bel still said “squares”, then pointed at the mesh back of the chair and they were squares.

This is also something I expected. The kids see more squares and will say there are more squares.

For the last activity, I used pegboards and put some design on one half and asked the kids to do the reflection symmetry on the other half. 

My kids were super excited about the pegboards and wanted to play with them since we got them on Friday. They were looking forward to the “math party”.

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