Draw the other half of a picture. You can download the sheet below and print or make your own.

The activity:

Supplies: Graph paper or pegboard and a pen. 

What to do: 
Draw a vertical line on a small part of the graph paper. Draw some picture on one side and ask your child to draw the symmetrical one on the other side.

On a pegboard, the line can be imagined, or drawn with a washable marker, or can be a line of pegs.

If you have a mirror, your child can use it to check his/her answer or just to explore a little more.

How it went:

Nia (5) liked the pegboard task. She was not interested at all in doing it on graph paper. It is too difficult for preschooler to have the hand control for graph paper.

On her first attempt, Nia did an exact copy instead of a reflected one. Once I gave her a mirror and explained the difference, she did the activity without problem.

Bel (7) did the pegboard and graph paper tasks. She had a little more trouble when I gave her a diagonal line of symmetry until she turned the board so that the line was horizontal. It was still more difficult than the other tasks.

We also checked our work with mirrors. (These are called “specimen mirrors” and I got a dozen for about $6 in preparation for an activity with a few more kids)


  • Ask your child which letter of the alphabet (in caps) has a line symmetry.
  • Your child can look around the house for objects with symmetries.
  • You child can make a piece of art with symmetries

More resources: for more worksheets. for more advanced drawings.

A riddle:

A snail is at the bottom of a well 30 feet deep. It crawls up 3 feet each day, but at night, it slips down 2 feet. How long does it take for the snail to crawl out the well ?

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