An obligatory activity about fractals because they are cool.

How it went:

The first part (with the tree) did not go so well. They did not really understand that the tree repeated itself. And when we started drawing the branches, we ran out of room quickly, which made counting very difficult. Nia (5) was also not ready to follow the pattern.

The Sierpinski activity went much better. It helps that the end result is nice looking. We measured the sides using a ruler. I had intended to have all the sides be 8 inches but made two 9-inch sides by mistake, which made it more interesting dividing by 2. I helped Nia draw some of the triangles. I try to redraw one of her very lopsided one but she got really upset. I did draw all the smaller ones on her paper.

Bel decided not to color her triangles for now.

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