Rolling two dice. Part 2

This activity is a game with two dice. The activity was taken from Math from Three to Seven (again). Play the game from Rolling two dice. Part 1


Supplies/Preparation: Ask your child how many numbers are on a die. Then draw 6 columns, labeling them 1 through 6 and explain that is for the first die. Then make 6 rows and label them 1 through 6 and explain that is for the second die. At this point, you should have an empty 6x6 table with labels on the outside. 
What to do: Ask your child to fill in the table by adding the number on the column and the number on the row of each cell. Demonstrate a few times. For example, in the top left corner (first row, first column) write 2 because 1+1 is 2. The next cell gets a 3 because 2+1 is 3. Let your child complete the table

Ask if there is any pattern. 
Ask how many times 2 appears, 3 appears. 
What is the number with the highest number of occurrences? 

How it went

When we played the game, Nia got to choose first and immediately put her chip on 7. For a while, we did not have any 7 so she was worried – but we then got four of them in a row and she ended up winning. (In all our games, 7 ended up winning).

For the table, I helped Nia complete the first row and the beginning of the second. She did the third and fourth by herself. By the fifth row, she started writing more random answers – I don’t know if she confused 5 for 3 or if she just got bored.

Bel did the diagonal first. Then asked if there was a pattern, to which I said she should do more to see if she could see one. She saw that all the numbers shifted every row.

We did not finish the activity because it was time for Nia to “google hangout” with her class.

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