We take containers all around the house and see which containers can hold more water.

I think Nia is getting tired of counting things. The kids will love this one because they get to use the kitchen sink and play with water. Please keep the information for later activities (I am looking for a 3oz, 4oz, 5oz, 7oz, 8oz, 12oz, etc containers)

Supplies: a stool so they can reach the kitchen sink - or maybe you can do it outside. A measuring cup. Containers of various kinds (cups, glasses, empty bottles, shot glasses). 

What to do: invite your child to figure out how much each container holds. Invite your child to arrange the containers in order, with the one that can hold the most water on the left to the one that can hold the least water on the right. 

On another note, my kids are asking for math worksheets – maybe after all the activities they have been doing, they want something more school-like and less crazy. I like (the math grab packs), you don’t have to register, and they also have logic puzzles!

How it went

We did it outside. I filled a bucket with water and gave them all the smaller containers. They loved it and wanted to play with the water and cups afterwards (no surprise).

It was really difficult to measure. Bel had a little success with it but Nia was sloshing water all over the place. She was more interested in filling all the cups and moving water around. I ended up changing task (see above). I showed Nia how to compare two containers (fill the first one to the top with water then pour the water into the second one). We did that and there was water left over in the first cup so I asked her which one of the two containers was bigger. She answered correctly, then continued moving water around containers randomly. Once in a while I would give her two containers and ask her which one held more water.

In the meantime, Bel was trying to figure out how much a big glass held (more than a cup) but the measuring cup had gradations for 2, 4, 6, 8oz only. She measured poured a cup of water in it, then measure and poured half a cup and it did not reach the top. Then she was trying to measure our 2oz (it took a long time) and poured it into the glass.

I decided to show her an alternate way (I usually try to let her explore and not impose my way of doing things). Instead of measuring and pouring into the glass, she could fill the glass and pour into the measuring cup. We poured the water out until the 1cup mark, took the water out of the measuring cup, then pour the remaining water from the glass into the measuring cup. We found that the glass held 14oz – we later found that it held 16oz and decided we had lost water when pouring the first time.

Then I asked both of them to order the containers from “biggest” to “smallest”. They managed it fairly easily, although I had to remind them of the task a couple of times because they were more interested in just playing with the cups. It was a beautiful day outside.

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