Plan for the week: extensions of previous activities.

This week, I plan on re-exploring and extending previous activities. Here are some ideas:

Monday: How close to 100 with Cuisenaire rods.

Tuesday: Dienes shapes. Instead of putting them in a chain, I will give the kids graphs (a triangle; a square; a diamond with one of the diagonal drawn) and invite them to put Dienes shapes at the corners (or vertices). Two shapes that share a line (or edge) must have three common features.

Wednesday: outfits. We will count the number of outfits again, this time adding socks or sweaters.

Thursday: we will do more Foot parades with higher numbers and more restrictions (can you do it with only 3, 5, 6 animals? with using only spiders? etc.)

Friday: we will do more Caesar ciphers. Nia is starting to read so she might enjoy the activity more. I will post any coded messages we create.

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