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Math kit

Nia asked to have a math club with some of the friends she missed because of online learning and covid-19. I created a math kit. The kit contains all the supplies for the next 4 to 6 math clubs and I gave each kid their own kit. Hopefully, they will play with it outside of the meeting times.

Here it is:

A math kit
  • a box to keep all the treasures
  • 5×10 mathlink cubes, 10 of each different color. These will be used a lot.
  • a 3×3 board (yellow). Each small square is 1in
  • a 4×4 board (blue). Each small square is 1in. The paper is 6inx6in.
  • a 3×3 board (on the other side of the 4×4 blue board). Each square is 1.5inx1.5in to fit the small dots below
  • ~13-14 small dots. Each one is a disk of 1.5in in diameter. Alternatively, squares would work too. I had a hole puncher for these and had fun making the dots.
  • a bag
  • 3 dice

The set of attribute blocks in the picture below takes an inordinate amount of time to make. It is much faster to print the pdf file and cut it rather than making the shapes themselves. You can also search “attribute blocks” online and buy a set.

Each shape has four attributes:

  • size: large or small
  • color: red, blue, yellow, or green
  • shape: triangle, square, circle
  • with a hole or not (plain or patterned for the ones in the file)

The kids like sorting them, making other shapes with them tangram-style. The activity I had in mind is this one: Dienes shapes.

If you want to see what we do with all of this, stay tuned!


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