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Caesar cipher. Part 2.

More coded messages. Bel asked me for more codes, so I grabbed some facts for kids and encoded them online. If you want your child to learn more about Caesar cipher, we did an activity about it. coded-facts1-1Download If your child is having trouble decoding, you can help by asking him/her if he/she knows any... Continue Reading →

Cutting shapes.

Figure out different ways to cut out shapes from a quadrilateral. Task Supplies: paper, pencil, scissors and a straight thin object (pencil or ruler). What to do: We start with a non-convex quadrilateral like in the picture. With a single straight line cut (your child can place the straight rod on the paper instead of... Continue Reading →

Dienes shapes.

Make a chain of shapes where the next one differs from the previous by one feature. This activity was from Math from Three to Seven, although I couldn't find the shapes anywhere so I made my own. Dienes shapesDownload Task 1: build-up Supplies: paper, colored pencils What to do: 1) tell your child we are... Continue Reading →


Figure out how many different outfits you can have! Task Supplies: three t-shirts, three pairs of pants, a few pairs of shoes. What to do: 1) starting with three t-shirts and two pairs of pants (or two t-shirts and two pairs of pants if your child is young), ask your child how many different outfits... Continue Reading →

Definitions and shapes – Part 2.

Learn more about shapes: rhombus (diamond), parallelogram, and squares. This one is more about sets and sorting. First, I will start showing the "mindset" videos from Nia is very smart (I am biased) but she gets frustrated very easily and doesn't think she is any good because she compares herself to her older sister.... Continue Reading →

Word play.

Find the word that is "more" than the given one. Bel has been pointing out homonyms since the activity we did yesterday. They came up with a few more examples at dinner - and wanted more games with words. This one is comes from Math Circles for Elementary School Students. Task No supply needed. What... Continue Reading →

Definitions and shapes.

Learn more about shapes. Count shapes. If you have been reading my posts (thank you!), you probably know I am reluctant to dictate or impose my reasoning. Sometimes though, it is necessary because we need to define things. Task Supplies: paper, pencil, scissors. Draw shapes on (triangles, squares, rectangles, quadrilaterals). You can cut them out... Continue Reading →

Foot parade.

Gather all your stuffed animals, dolls, and superheroes to make a parade! This activity is adapted from Task Supplies: either print out the animal cards from the link above OR draw your own animal on cards OR get your favorite stuffed animals and animal figurines, dolls, superheroes. You will need some animal with one... Continue Reading →

Multiplication table.

My goal for this activity was just to have the kids put the table on their wall, as a piece to just look at. I am in no way pushing for memorization - but I do hope that if they see it regularly, they start looking for patterns. You can download your own blank octagon... Continue Reading →

Rolling two dice. Part 2

This activity is a game with two dice. The activity was taken from Math from Three to Seven (again). Play the game from Rolling two dice. Part 1 gameboardDownload Task Supplies/Preparation: Ask your child how many numbers are on a die. Then draw 6 columns, labeling them 1 through 6 and explain that is for... Continue Reading →

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