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Prime numbers.

We take 1 block, 2 blocks, 3 blocks, 4 blocks, ... all the way to 12 blocks, and see which number can be made into different flat rectangles. Task Supplies: 12 cubes or blocks of the same dimension What to do: Give your child a number of blocks (I like to go in order and... Continue Reading →


How many socks do you need to pull out of the drawer to get a pair? This activity is inspired by Math from Three to Seven by Alexander Zvonkin Task: Supplies: A fabric bag (not see-through) and 3 yellow, 3 red, 3 blue, and 3 green cubes or beads. What to do: Tell a story.... Continue Reading →

Hide it!

Figure out how many cubes are hidden under a cup. This activity is a variation and extension of Snap it! Instead of hiding the pieces of cubes, beads, etc. behind the back, we will hide them under a cup. Original task: Supplies: Interlocking cubes or beads, two cups (non see-through) turned upside down. What to... Continue Reading →

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