Weekend reflection 1

The end of the week was a low. Bel got a little sick. It was not the coronavirus but simply a cold – but she gets really tired when she gets sick and wasn’t paying much attention. And the tree branches activity needed a lot of prompting. I really hate prompting and imposing my own thoughts on how things have to be done, at least mathematically – tidying up is a different matter.

Then we got a weekend and a couple of days where sheets of paper where around on the floor, table, etc. The kids were bored so they looked at the activities again without me. Bel was interested in doing the last logic puzzle so we talked about it and she found a pattern in the number of tree branches. They both wanted two more triangles to color.

I knew going into the math club preparations that the ideas took time to mature and sink in. It is good to have some immediate reassurance. Right now, I am wondering whether I should do more curriculum-related tasks while the kids are not in school.

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