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Bean bag toss

A variation of the classic bean bag toss game that involves numbers. The kids love talking “strategy”.

Supplies: two bean bags per person, chalk and a sidewalk. 

What to do: 
- Get the kids to draw circles (or any other shape) with numbers in them. (Ideally, larger closer circles would have lower numbers but it doesn't really matter.)
- Each player takes turn tossing a bean bag. If the bag lands in a circle, then they get the number of points written in the circle. 

Our family has been playing this game a lot. Nia and Bel started figuring out which circles were more “desirable” and added numbers to figure out how many points they need to win. One time, dad added a big circle with 1/10. Nia thought it was 10 at first and a great way to earn points so we got to discuss fractions a little. After it rains, they get to make a whole different game board.


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